On which exchange is Enochian’s stock listed and what is the ticker symbol?

Enochian stock is traded on the NASDAQ Capital Markets exchange under the symbol “ENOB.”

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Where is Enochian incorporated?

Enochian is incorporated in the state of Delaware.

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Where is Enochian’s headquarters?

Enochian’s corporate headquarters is located at LA BioSpace, California State University, Los Angeles, 1927 Paseo Rancho Castilla, Los Angeles, CA 90032. The main phone number is (305) 918-1980.

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When does Enochian’s fiscal year end?

Enochian’s fiscal year ends June 30th.

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Where can I find Enochian’s SEC Filings?

All Enochian’s SEC Filings are located on the Financials page or can be accessed directly from the SEC at www.sec.gov

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Can I purchase Enochian’s shares directly from the Company?

No. Enochian does not have a direct stock purchase plan. Shares may be purchased through a broker of your choice.

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Does Enochian pay a dividend?

Enochian does not pay dividends at this time

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Who is Enochian’s Transfer Agent?

Securities Transfer Corporation (STC)
2901 N. Dallas Parkway
Suite 380
Plano, TX 75093

Phone: 469-633-0101

Website: www.stctransfer.com

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How can I replace my lost stock certificate?

You must contact our transfer agent Action Stock Transfer. The internet address is www.actionstocktransfer.com . The company can look up your records and make any necessary adjustments. There is a fee involved for replacing lost certificates. The company’s address is:

Action Stock Transfer

2469 E. Fort Union Blvd, Suite 214,

Salt Lake City, UT 84121


Telephone: (801) 274-1088

Fax: (801) 274-1099

Email: action@actionstocktransfer.com

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