The Potential to Transform Lives
with Groundbreaking Science

"Enochian has innovative solutions to ensure that gene-modified cells that cannot be infected by HIV can take over without wiping out the immune system. This approach could be used throughout the world and help end the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The Company also has novel approaches to achieve lifelong remission of major cancers. After a career dedicated to controlling and treating HIV and major cancers, nothing could be more exciting and fulfilling than being a part of Enochian."

-Mark Dybul, MD, former head of the US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, now Chairman of Enochian Biosciences' Scientific Advisory Board and Vice-chairman of the Board


Our integrated products and platforms encompass innovative interventions in gene editing and immunotherapy that provide hope for cures and/or life-long remissions for devastating diseases. Because of the relative ease of administration, our potentially ground-breaking interventions have could be used throughout the world to transform the lives of millions of people

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Gene-Modified Cell Therapies

Antiretroviral therapy (ART) has changed HIV-infection from a death sentence to a chronic disease. However, ART requires life-long therapy that is expensive and has the risk of significant side effects. In addition, drug resistance is growing requiring new and often more costly products. From a person-centered approach, life-long therapy can be challenging and, unfortunately, stigma and discrimination remain strong throughout the world. More than 40 percent of the 36.7 million people who need therapy do not have access to it. More than one million people die from HIV every year and more than 1.8 million become newly infected. A cure and preventive or therapeutic vaccine could transform the lives of millions of people.

It has been proven that gene-editing to knockdown the expression of CCR5 — a door HIV needs to enter and kill CD4+ T cells — in autologous human stem cells (HSC) combined with transplantation can lead to a cure of HIV. However, the approaches currently available require an expensive and risky ablation of the immune system. Even with that drastic intervention, an insufficient number of gene-modified cells survive to achieve durable control of HIV.

We have pioneered a novel approach that we believe will allow sufficient engraftment of the gene-modified HSC to eliminate the need for ART.

In addition, we are evaluating potential game-changing approaches to immunotherapy that might be effective as preventive and/or therapeutic vaccination.

Despite the demonstrated effective antigen presenting and T-cell stimulating capacity of Dendritic Cells (DCs), the clinical response of DC-based immunotherapy remains limited. Therefore, Enochian is working on improving the stimulatory capacity of DCs by genetically modifying DCs.

Our platform of genetically modified Dcs can be translated into several different anti-tumor immunotherapies after, either ex vivo exposure to tumor lysates, or loading with tumor proteins or peptides, or transduction with genetic material encoding these tumor signatures. This DC technology platform could be for solid tumors (80% of the cancer market) what the Car-T Cell technology is for liquid tumors (20% of the cancer market). -and potentially more potent.

We believe that our platform could be one of the most promising and effective strategies to achieve life-long remission for a number of common and deadly tumors.

HIV & Oncology: Pipeline Development

Program Indication Discovery/Research Preclinical IND Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
ENOB-HV-01 Autologous HIV Curative Treatment
ENOB-HV-11 Preventative HIV Vaccine
ENOB-HV-12 Therapeutic HIV Vaccine
ENOB-DB-01 MCV vaccine technology *
ENOB-DC-01 Off-the-shelf DC vaccine pulsed with MCV lysate *
ENOB-DC-11 Innovative DC vaccine for multiple solid tumors **
ENOB-DC-21 Nonspecific vaccine for intratumoral injection

HIV Cancer

* This legacy Dandrit product candidate is no longer being pursued by Enochian but based on the learning from working with this product, Enochian has combined the MCV lysate with its innovative dendritic cell therapeutic platform.
** We plan to initially target pancreatic cancer, triple negative breast cancer, glioblastoma, and renal cell carcinoma